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HpFire® Ceramic Fiber Blanket Wrap

HP FIRE ceramic fiber blanket insulated with aluminum film strengthened with fiber glass and polyethylene film is used for passive fire protection in several applications.

The product has been approved in metal plate fire resistant test for running of electrical cables protected with insulating material, according to standard ASTM-E-1725-95 Standard Test Methods for Fire-Resistive Barrier Systems for Electrical System Components ASTM-E-1529-93 – Test Methods for Determining Effects of Large Hydrocarbon Pool Fires on Structural Members and Assemblies.

Temperatura ºC
Temperature (ºF)
Densidade Kg/m²
Density (lbs/ft³)
HP 1315 (2400) 260 - 16
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Look below the Standard Dimensions Table

Thickness Lenght Width
(lbs/ft³) Inch mm Inch m Inch mm
128 - (8) 1" 25.4 300" 7.62 48" 1220 9.30
1 1/2" 38.10 150" 3.81 48" 1220 4.65
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